Need advice on my plan for seed starting

Mar 12, 2018
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Hello new member here and I need some advice on how I want to set up my seed starting set up this year. In the past I would start all my seeds in my basement which works well until it is time to up pot and start taking them outside to harden them off. I have to carry them all upstairs and back down if there is a threat of to cold of temps at night. I have a workshop/barn that is well insulated and stays about 45 degrees most all the time this time of year. What I was thinking was buying a cheap 10x10 greenhouse(the kind you see on ebay, amazon) and putting that in my barn and putting my seed starting set up inside of it with a little milk house heater to keep it around 70 degrees. I am assuming the heater should do the job relatively inexpensive considering the shop is already staying around 45 degrees anyway. I also use heat mats to assist with germination and heat. I also use t-12 shop lights. What do you guys think of this idea? Thanks in advance.