Building an Organic Soil from Scratch

Building an Organic Soil from Scratch 2018-03-13

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There are now many prepackaged potting soils available to horticulturists. More specifically, the number of organic prepackaged soils is rising as more gardeners embrace organic horticulture. Before prepackaged soils were available, horticulturists mixed their own soils from various ingredients. Although prepackaged soils may be convenient, there are still some major advantages to making an organic soil from scratch. If a soil is built from scratch, it can be customized for a specific crop. The grower also knows exactly what the soil is comprised of and what his or her plants are consuming. In other words, building a soil from scratch gives ultimate control to the grower.

Another advantage of building an organic soil from scratch is that it is less expensive than prepackaged soils. In fact, it is not uncommon to get almost twice the volume of soil for the same price when mixing an organic soil verses buying prepackaged soil. The other big advantage of building an organic soil is hands-on education through experience. There is no better way to learn than to get your hands dirty (pun intended). When a horticulturist builds his or her own soil, knowledge is gained of the individual ingredients and how each affects the soil’s composition. The more knowledge a horticulturist has the better all-around gardener he or she becomes. Perhaps the best way to get started building an organic soil is to first organize the ingredients into three categories: base ingredients, aeration ingredients, and individual organic ingredients.

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Posted January 13th, 2017 by Eric Hopper in April 2017
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