Giving Green for Greens

The HGGA Giving Green for Greens Program was established in January 2018
to help support non-profit community greenhouse and garden projects
in the name of "Friends of Hobby Greenhouse Growers Association".

Mar 2018 - $100 to Gardens for Orphan Girls
Touch the Sky Foundation's Home of Hope - Sierra Leon

Currently these 30 girls -- 20 of them are between ages 8 and 13 -- live with guardians or extended family in town. They have been coming together at the Home of Hope regularly since last August for socialization and learning, guided by adult volunteers. On Sunday, March 18, the girls went to the nearby land for the first time, and began to clear the field to start garden plots to grow groundnuts, cassava and sweet potatoes. They carried stakes to mark their plots, used a few hoes and cutters that we had collected, and posed for photos, five girls to a team. And on Monday, six or seven of them returned to the field -- on their own. They were so excited by this growing project that they continued removing rocks and weeds from the dirt -- using their hands. They didn't have the hoes and cutters that the adults had provided on Sunday.

We are delighted that the girls are taking on this growing project with such enthusiasm that we did not foresee. By planting in April, the start of Sierra Leone's rainy season, they will be growing much of their own food.

To make this farming project happen, we need your financial support. We are seeking as much as $900, and here is why. First, the perimeter of the land must be "fenced" -- to minimize the intrusion of goats, rats and other animals eating the produce. This "fencing" is done by building a wall of mud bricks. Including the labor to build a waist-high wall on four sides, this will cost as much as $600.

The 30 girls will work in teams of five -- two groups planting groundnuts (like peanuts), two groups planting cassava (considered a "food security crop" in developing countries), and two groups planting sweet potatoes. We want to provide the necessary tools for each of the six groups: hoes, shovels, wheelbarrows, watering cans, jerrycans to carry water to the field and, of course, seeds and vines. We peg these expenses at $50 per group, or $300 more. Thus, we are asking for a total of $900.

Read the full story about the Gardens for Orphan Girls on their Go Fund Me Page at


Jan 2018 - $100 to Danny O. for his Eagle Scout Project
Danny O. is a young man living outside of Chicago. For his Eagle Scout Project Danny has decided to build a greenhouse for a local chapter of The Giving Gardens

The goal of my Eagle Project is to help support the local garden, The Giving Gardens, on their quest to donate food to numerous food pantries in and around the Chicagoland area. The Giving Garden's Goal is to start many gardens in the Chicago area and have a stable source of fresh, organic produce going to the many food pantries in Chicago.

My project, building a greenhouse in their first large scale garden, will benefit the garden for as long as it lasts and will help them spend less money on the garden, so they can easily start other gardens. A greenhouse can help them start growing a lot sooner and they can grow from seed which is a lot cheaper than buying plants. The greenhouse also provides a better climate for certain plants which can bring a more abundant harvest. Spending less money in the beginning stages can help them expand further in the future and donate more food to more people.

The Giving Gardens and many food pantries will benefit from this project. There are many people in the Chicagoland area that are in need of food and most of the time, the food pantries have canned food and things that taste very bland. If the greenhouse I build can help bring more food to those in need it is a success in my eyes. The fresh, organic produce brought in from the garden will be a profound change from the normal items at the food pantries.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my Eagle Project it would be beneficial to many people to make this idea a reality. Every bit helps, and I am thankful for all donations from everyone.

Read about Danny's project on his Go Fund Me Page at
Or, where we first met him at