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Welcome to Hobby Greenhouse Growers

Whether it's for fresh, healthy, home-grown fruits, vegetable and herbs or beautiful flowers and gorgeous plants, hobby greenhouse growing is on the rise. With the many advances in greenhouse technology and affordability and a desire to have an alternative to our ever-increasing hectic lives, many people are discovering the simple pleasures and benefits of greenhouse gardening in everything from simple D.I.Y. kitchen window greenhouse gardens to large, stand alone, custom built conservatories. Whether you are growing a few square feet of lettuce for fresh salads or exotic tropical flowers and fruits for show, Hobby Greenhouse Growers is dedicated to you and the art and science of hobby greenhouse growing. Our goal is to create a dynamic community where like-minded folks can come together and share their enthusiasm for hobby greenhouse growing.

Our forum was launched on December 3, 2017. We are a fledgling community that will take time to build. We welcome you as a member and look forward to your participation. We hope you enjoy our community and spread the word.

Vision: The vision of the HGG Forum to to foster community and comaraderie among hobby greenhouse growers, help and encourage one another by sharing experiences, advice and knowledge, have fun, and have a higher purpose by helping those with assistance who otherwise might be less able or unable to persue gardening and greenhouse ventures.

To this end, over the coming months, as we build our online community, we will be expanding upon our forum to include such features as:

  • Resource Center (Well underway now with over 35 resources)

  • Monthly Contest (Contests will begin once we have at least 100 members.)
    Prizes will be something tangible like a remote greenhouse thermometer, hand tools, or something similar the winner can use in his/her greenhouse, or a charitable donation to the winner's favorite non-profit horticulatural organization.

  • Store (Now up and running at HobbyGreenhouseGrowers.COM) - Greenhouses and greenhouse accessories. A portion of the profits will be used to pay for the forum & store software, hosting, software upgrades, and prizes for the monthly contest. If possible, periodic donations will be made to help support a community garden, greenhouse and/or other non-profit horticultural organization.)

Please feel free to make suggestions.

Thank you for being here.
Jim Guinn
Site Administrator

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